Franchisee Winners of the Year

Angela and Michael are the owners of Just Cuts Hornsby in Christchurch and have been named the New Zealand Franchisee of the Year. Read the Q&A with you the winners below.

When did you first join the Just Cuts community and how did you become an Owner?

We opened our salon in The Hub, Hornby in late July 2016. The process took a good 18 months as the salon was a brand-new shop in a new mall extension in the existing Hub. Michael was the Team Leader at the Westfield Riccarton salon at the time, and consequently we saw the benefits of becoming Franchisees. Michael has been a hairdresser all his life, having trained in London and France and we had full-service salons in Perth, Western Australia. We relocated to NZ to be nearer to family late in 2012.


What are some of the highlights of being a Just Cuts Owner?

The first highlight which gave us a huge buzz was winning Franchisee of the Year 2018 in Alice Springs at the National Conference. We were blown away! And then to achieve back to back awards in 2019 - a very humbling experience. Other highlights include the Owners’ Meetings throughout the year which gives us all the opportunity to network with fellow Owners, all who are wonderfully generous with their time and experience. It is a joy to work with people who are only too happy to help, advise and support you. That aspect of Just Cuts sets it ahead of all franchises, making your business life easier knowing there is someone merely a phone call or email away.


What are some of the difficulties you have faced as an owner?

Staffing is always a challenge, regardless of where you are. However, Christchurch was hit badly via the earthquakes in 2011 and as Hairdressing Colleges were amongst the casualties, and many hairdressers moved either to the North Island, or overseas. It is, and always will be, the one big headache! Otherwise, we managed in all other aspects of running the salon. We have an extraordinary Team now, happy, engaging, committed and energetic - we couldn’t ask for more! And ALL awards we receive belong to them!


Any tips for new Owners or someone interested in Just Cuts Franchise?

Have this tattooed on your forehead if necessary, ‘JUST FOLLOW THE SYSTEM - DON’T REINVENT THE WHEEL!’ Just Cuts is what it is today - the largest hairdressing franchise in the Southern Hemisphere BECAUSE we follow the system! It’s all been done before, hundreds of times! And rest assured, whatever challenge or issue you as a new owner may have, someone’s had it before you and they will support you and give you all the advice you need.